What an exciting time to be a Geauga Democrat!

You can be proud of your Party’s accomplishments…we’ve supported and elected local, county, state and national candidates, tripled the number of precincts represented by enthusiastic democratic precinct leaders, put up an interactive web site that receives over 1.5 million hits a year (, maintained our own voter data base and staffed a permanent headquarters in the heart of Geauga County for the last six years.

We've been able to create an effective presence in a traditionally RED county but only because of your support. The combination of funding from our Platinum members and the thousands of hours invested by our volunteers give us the staying power to elect candidates that share your values. And with your help, all of our activities will continue.

A Platinum membership pre-pays you for most of our 2013 events including dinners and receptions. Last year, we hosted Congressman Tim Ryan with a capacity dinner and reception. We also hosted Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald at both a dinner and reception.

Total annual investment for the Platinum membership is $500. That can be paid in a lump sum or stretched over three or six months. If you want to pay over a three month period, you would enter $166.66 on our contribution page and choose the three month option on the link shown below. If you were paying over a six month period, enter in $83.33 and choose the six month option.

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Platinum Membership makes us more effective. We're able to plan our activities because we know our revenue is secure and the money to fund our activities will be there when we need it.

We've had many victories. In 2012, we helped Judge Bill O'Neill win a seat on the Ohio Supreme Court. We also helped Dr. John Patterson win a seat in the Ohio Legislature. Only two state House seats changed hands in 2012 and one of those seats was in Geauga County. We also helped Senator Capri Cafaro win her re-election bid and now she represents the north-east area of Geauga including the city of Chardon.

In 2011, we helped elect Judge Terri Stupica, the first female Judge ever to serve in a Geauga County Court. In 2010, we helped elect Tom Wright to the Court of Appeals. In 2008, we played a pivotal role in getting Judge Cannon appointed to the 11th District Court of Appeals.

In 2007, we helped to elect Governor Ted Strickland with a 57% victory in Geauga County. That didn't happen by accident. We held the second fund raiser in Ohio for then candidate Ted Strickland in June of 2005, a full 15 months before his election.

A few years later Ted confided he wasn't sure how he would be received by Democrats in Northern Ohio at that point in his campaign but when he saw over 150 Geauga Democrats give him a standing ovation as he entered our event, he got his answer.

The local Party plays a vital role in supporting officeholders at all levels and with your help we'll be able to agressively continue our activities. As a Platinum member, you’ll attend our St. Patrick's Day celebration, the Annual Dinner, our Steak Roast, our Clam Bake and at least two special receptions where you will have the opportunity to meet and greet officeholders and candidates. Click here to go to our donation page or cut and paste the following language into your browser. 

As a Platinum member, you'll get special seating and special recognition at all our events; on the membership board at the headquarters and on our website.

In addition to Ted Strickland, we've also featured Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O'Neill, Congressman Tim Ryan, Representative John Patterson, Senator Capri Cafaro, Jennifer Brunner, Lee Fisher, Director of the U.S. Consumer Finance Bureau Richard Cordray, Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper, Mark Schneider, Judge Mary Jane Trapp, Geauga Sheriff Dan McClellan and others.

The Platinum Membership is a good value because it gives you entry to four events, two receptions and automatically makes you a member of the Geauga Democratic Club.

It's a great value because you’ll be making an investment that has implications far beyond Geauga County.

The Platinum Membership can pay be for in a lump sum or you can stretch payments over three or six months. If you decide to pay over a three month period, you would enter $166.66 and choose the three month option on the link noted above. If you were paying over a six month period, you enter $83.33 and choose the six month option.

A special couple's Platinum Membership is avaialable for a $750 donation. 

Although, our contribution page doesn’t have a place to indicate that your donation is specifically for the Platinum Membership we monitor and control the site daily and we will assign the correct benefits to your membership. Last year, we had more Platinum members than in any previous year!

The Platinum Membership is the main way we fund the Party to help elect local, state and national candidates get elected. We are one of the very few small population counties to maintain a permanent headquarters. The Obama campaign was able to take advantage of that and ran their initial Geauga phone bank and volunteers from our headquarters which helped them hit the ground running.

We need your help and support. Join your fellow democrats and sign up today to be a Platinum member of the Geauga Democratic Party….we need you and CANNOT win without you! 

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