Charlie Brown, brother of Senator Sherrod Brown, addressed Geauga Democrats at the annual steak roast. Charlie told us that Republicans have not left their party, their party has left them. Charlie pointed out that Republican President Richard Nixon championed the EPA to insure we had clean water to drink and clean air to breath and Republican President Teddy Roosevelt created five national parks and set the stage for a robust national park system but today's Republican leaders are so radical they are attacking the EPA's achievements and the national park system.   

In a fiery speech at the holiday party, Representative Dr. John Patterson, detailed the accomplishments of the Democratic Party and why we should be proud to be Democrats.
Photo of John Patterson speaking at headquarters

Newbury Trustee Glen Quigley and members of the Newbury veterans cutting the ribbon on their new Memorial Park. Glen put the project together with the veterans over the past eighteen months raising over $125,000 to make the Park a reality. Congratulations Glen! 
Quigley cutting ribbon

Supreme Court Justice William O'Neill was the special guest at the Newbury Veterans' Park Dedication. Bill told the very interesting story of his family's military service to our country. Bill thanked and congratulated all veterans for their service.
Newbury Veterans Memorial Dedication
Newbury Veterans Memorial Dedication1

This summer, Geauga Democrats came out in force this fall to hear from a local panel of experts about the heroin epidemic

Geauga Democrats our in force to hear from a panel about the heroin problem in Geauga County

Middlefield Councilman Ron Wiech leads the discussion about the heroin problem in Geauga County. Ron has been a volunteer substance abuse counselor for 30 years.

Middlefield Councilman Ron Wiech leads the discussion about the heroin problem in Geauga County

L to R - Burton residents Anna & Alan Parker lost a son to heroin in late 2014, Craig Swenson, Director of Geauga Job & Family Services and Roy Nichols, drug counselor, who shared that he has been clean for more than 18 years

L to R - Burton residents X and X X lost a son to heroin, Craig X of Geauga Family Sevices and Roy Nichols who has been clean for more than 18 years.

Check out the rear of the new Geauga Democratic Party Float unveiled at the July 4th Parade in Chester....parade watchers liked our new look

Geauga Dems Float