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    Great News!

    We’re proud Senator Sherrod Brown has agreed to be the keynote speaker at our Annual Dinner on Saturday, June 6. Be a part of that important day by letting us know, ASAP, if you can be with Senator Brown and fellow Democrats on June 6.


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    Senator Brown will also join us for a special reception at the Bainbridge home of Janet and Terry Carson just prior to the Annual Dinner. If you are a 2015 Platinum member, you’re already on our list of attendees for the reception and the Annual Dinner.


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    Your attendance at our Annual Dinner and reception will honor Senator Brown and his long history of helping others.


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    Janet Carson, Geauga County Democratic Chair - 440-836-4060


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    Dinner and Reception Choices

    Geauga Party Secretary Terri McIntee, Geauga Chairperson Janet Carson, former Governor and our next US Senator, Ted Strickland, Lake County Commissioner Kevin Malecek and Ashtabula Party Chairperson Duane Feher at the Spring Legacy Dinner in Columbus, O

    Geauga and Lake County Dems with Ted Strickland

    Representative John Patterson, Geauga Vice-Chair Dennis Pavella, Kara Reiter, Debbie Reiter, Terri McIntee, Derek Larenas and Hendye.

    Representative John Patterson, Geauga Vice-Chair, Kara Reiter, Debbie Reiter, Terri McIntee, Derek Larenas and

    Congressman and the next Ohio Governor, Tim Ryan, with Geauga County Vice-Chair Dennis Pavella at the Legacy Dinner.


    "Save the Date" for U. S. Senator Sherrod Brown
    at our Annual Dinner in Geauga County

    Saturday, June 6, 2015

    Sherrod Brown


    Rocco & Mary DiFranco won the People's Choice Award for their wonderful Wedding Soup entry at the Geauga Women's Caucus Soup Cook-Off held in in Newbury.


    Laura Amick flashes a big smile as Chris Tackas and Mary DiFranco offer their soup selections at the Soup Cook Off

    Laura Amick flashes a big smile Chris Tackas and Mary DiFranco offer their soup selections

    Debbie Barber samples some of third place winner Jim Mekeel's soup.

    Debbie Barber samples some of third place winner Jim Mekeel's soup. took a third place in the soup cook-off.

    Sandy Luther offers some of her soup creation to Dave Blauch.

    Dave Blaugh

    First Place Soup Cook-Off Winner Bonnie Cavanaugh prepares a soup sample for Rachel Amick.

    Racheal Amick

    Ohio Tax Code Becoming More Regressive

    Yesterday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich unveiled his latest two-year budget proposal, featuring a large cut in the state income tax, paid for with increased taxes on everyday purchases, on business activity and on oil and gas extraction.

    This is not the first time Kasich has proposed cutting the state income tax — the state’s most progressive tax. The tax is designed so those at the top income level pay the highest rate. The state’s estate tax on inherited wealth was eliminated completely in the Governor’s first budget.

    To pay for these tax cuts that primarily benefit the wealthy, the Governor’s budget proposesraising the state’s regressive sales tax and expanding it to more services — including parking and cable TV subscriptions.

    People with low-incomes spend much of their income on things that are taxed. As a result, they pay a much larger share of their income on taxes in states with regressive tax systems that rely heavily on sales taxes to fund state spending. According to the Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy, the poorest 20% of Ohioans pay nearly 12 percent of their income on state and local taxes, compared to just 5.5% paid by the top 1%.

    We crunched the numbers, and here’s how dramatic the shift has been in just six years.

    Combined, the state’s income and estate taxes have declined from 45% of state general revenue to just 28%. At the same time, sales taxes have increased from 43% to 53% and now picks up the largest share of the cost of state government.

      2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
    Sales Tax 42.6% 40.2% 45.5% 47.2% 52.0% 53.3%
    Income & Estate Taxes 44.7% 45.7% 40.3% 39.2% 29.2% 27.6%
    Other Taxes 12.7% 14.1% 14.2% 13.6% 19.0% 18.9%



    1. Ingrid Kunstel says:

      This plan is the same old trickle down maneuver that benefits the wealthy and screws over the middle and lower classes. How many times do we have to suffer through this is before the electorate stops electing these. People


    United States Senator Sherrod Brown paid us a visit earlier this year. It was quite an event that attracted a large crowd of local Democrats.

    Sherrod Brown at the Democratic Headquarters 3/24/2014

    Check out the rear of the new Geauga Democratic Party Float unveiled at the July 4th Parade in Chester....parade watchers liked our new look

    Geauga Dems Float

    Janet Carson Talks about how Women are Re-Shaping Politics

    Rep. Patterson: Tax Hikes, Funding Cuts from Last Year’s Budget Taking Hold

    Area Lawmakers Seek to Ease Local Tax Burden, Chip Away at Tax Shift

    Who Owns Your Womb? Women Can Get Murder Charge for Refusing C-Sections

    State Rep. Patterson: Budget Review Fails to Address Recent Tax Hikes, Cuts to Schools and Communiti

    High quality, peelable, anti-Kasich bumper stickers

    Kasich sticker
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    Making the American Dream Real for Everyone

    JobsOhio Stands to Receive Over Billion in State Liquor Money

    Click here for the full article

    Why Right-to-Work Is Not Pro-Worker