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  • Four candidates who will be seeking election and re-election this fall.L to R - Joe Lanese, running for the 76th Ohio District, Joanne Wirtz-Ryan, seeking a Commissioner seat, State Rep. Dr. John Patterson looking for re-election and Ron Wiech running for Commissioner.
  • State Representative Dr. Patterson greets Bonnie Lanese at the Wine and Fantasy Chocolate eventThe Wine and Fantasy Chocolate tasting was one of our popular social events, pairing wine with various chocolate delights featuring dark chocolate with cinnamon, dried cranberries and key lime.
  • Middlefield councilman Ron Weich recently told Cardinal students how important voting was to their future.Ron put his idea to use his swearing-in ceremony as a civics lesson for the Cardinal student body and organized the entire swearing-in event asking Justice O'Neill to do the honors. Good job Ron!
  • Kids of all ages loved the smilin' Democratic donkey at our Fair tent this year.

Come to our Rummage Sale starting on Thursday April 10th at the Headquarters!

Our rummage sale will run for three days Thursday, Friday, Saturday
April 10th 11th and 12th, all under one roof! 

We're acepting donations of the following New or Used items: Cribs, bunk beds, furniture, quilts, collectibles, baby items, Jewelry, children’s clothing (infant only), kitchenware, dish sets, glassware, tools, toys, cookbooks, paperbacks, small appliances, DVDs, CDs, linens, baskets, musical instruments, dolls, crafts, winter items, holiday & misc. 

All the proceeds of the sale go directly to the Geauga County Democratic Party, and we hope to see you soon at our annual rummage sale!

Have any questions? Call 440 221 7530 or E Mail

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Patterson’s Sales Tax Holiday Would Help Families with School Supplies, Local Businesses

State Rep. John Patterson (D-Jefferson) announced today that he introduced House Bill 450 to establish a three-day period in August—the first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday— each year during which school supplies, clothing, computers and computer accessories are exempt from state and county sales and use taxes.

“I am excited about the possible benefits this bill may have for both Ohio back-to-school shoppers and businesses,” Rep. Patterson said. “Currently, many Ohio consumers are taking their business to neighboring states, such as Pennsylvania, where they do not have to pay sales or use taxes on items they buy to get ready for the start of the next school year. And with the recent sales tax hike that has already cost Ohioans $119 million, it is easy to understand why.” 

According to a 2013 National Retail Foundation study, the average family with school-aged children will spend of $634.78 on school supplies. Additionally, the study found that 49% of families plan to shop in the month preceding the start of school, with half stating that they will shop at a clothing store. By establishing the first weekend of August as a tax holiday for clothing and other school supplies, H.B. 450 would  make Ohio school suppliers more competitive, while saving a majority of Ohio back-to-school shoppers a significant amount of money.

“My bill is a commonsense approach to keep Ohio back-to-school shoppers and their business in state, providing a much needed boost to local economies and communities while saving families money,” Rep. Patterson added.

The tax holiday would establish a tax exemption for items of clothing up to $100 each, school supplies up to $20 each, and personal computers and computer accessories up to $750 each. By providing Ohio families with an opportunity to save money on their school shopping by staying in state, the increased revenue for local businesses would offset a portion of the foregone sales tax revenue.

In November, State Senator Kevin Bacon of Columbus introduced a companion bill, Senate Bill 243. Since introduction, it has received three hearings in the Senate Ways and Means Committee, where it is under consideration.

Nancy Patterson gives Ti Larenas a big hug at the Wine and Fanatsy Chocolate Event held at the headquarters Saturday Night

Nancy Patterson and Ti Larenas

Former Ohio State Board of Education and West G board member Kathy Leavenworth with Newbury Trustee Glen Quigley

Former Ohio State Board of Education member Kathy Leavenworth with Newbury Trustee Glen Quigley

Check out the rear of the new Geauga Democratic Party Float unveiled at the July 4th Parade in Chester....parade watchers liked our new look

Geauga Dems Float

Faith in Values: The Conservative Fairy Tale About Government

Joe Lanese is the Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 79th House District

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Connie Pillich takes door to door campaign on the road

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Connie Pillich

High quality, peelable, anti-Kasich bumper stickers

Kasich sticker
One dollar each or 12 for ten dollars, 75 cents each when u buy 25, 63 cents each when u buy 50, 49 cents each when u buy 250, 39 cents each when you buy 500 and 31 cents each when you buy 1000 ...use them for your own organization's fund raising
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Thanks to Martin and Jacob!

Our hats are off to Martin and Jacob Giel for contributing their talents and time to sucessfully repair our Geauga Dems Sign at the headquarters.  They did a wonderful job on what would have been a very expensive repair if we didn't have donated labor.

Check out our candidates

An emotional Nina Turner announcing her bid for Secretary of State

Click here to watch this powerful video
An emotional Senator Nina Turner announces her candidacy for Secretary of State her powerful video by clicking her photo

County Executive Ed FitzGerald speaks to Geauga County about his accomplishments

ICYMI investigation: JobsOhio, Board Has Some Very Questionable Ties

Making the American Dream Real for Everyone

JobsOhio Stands to Receive Over Billion in State Liquor Money

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State Representative Connie Pillich will put an end to Josh Mandel's political career

Dr. John Patterson introduces legislation directly benefiting Geauga schools

We need to end the war against woman being waged by David Joyce and the Republican Party

Michael Wager's middle class values will propel him to the US House of Representatives

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     watch this video

Michael Wager

Michael Wager explains why the 14th is not your father's Congressional District

Why Right-to-Work Is Not Pro-Worker

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